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Edwards Law 2014, originates from the law offices of the firm’s Senior Practitioner, Clive Edwards, spanning over 50 years of a distinguished legal career in New Zealand and Tonga.

Clive Edwards’ law career commenced in New Zealand after completing his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Auckland and being accepted to the Bar in New Zealand in 1960. Clive had previously worked with Holmden & Horrocks and Haddow Chilwell & Pain in Auckland New Zealand before commencing his own law practice in 1962.

Clive Edwards & Co Barristers & Solicitors Law Chambers operated in Auckland New Zealand from 1962 to 1994. With a number of partners and practitioners, such as Joseph Fuimaono, Clive Edwards & Co were responsible for famous legal battles with Immigration in New Zealand that changed the face of the immigration law in New Zealand and subsequently became a model for modern international immigration law. The Law Office’s tenacious defences of thousands of immigrants in New Zealand resulted in thousands of Pacific Island peoples lawfully gaining residence and ultimately citizenship in New Zealand.

Other than specialising in Immigration Law, Clive Edwards & Co were involved in major criminal, land and Commercial work and cases in New Zealand. At one point in time, Clive Edwards & Co was the largest sole practitioners legal office in New Zealand.

From 1993, Clive moved to Tonga permanently and commenced Edwards Paasi & Co, Nuku’alofa, with a well known and respected law practitioner in Tonga, Masao Pa’asi.

In 1994, immediately after completing his Law Degree from University of Auckland and being admitted to the Bar of New Zealand that same year, William Edwards joined his father Clive, in Tonga.

The practice ceased operations in 1996, when Clive commenced work for the Government of Tonga. William moved into private practice and inhouse legal counsel work.

Clive ended his term in Government in 2004 and restarted Clive Edwards Law in 2004 until 2010, when he returned to Government in 2011.


On completing his term in Government in 2014, Clive has joined forces with his sons David and William to start Edwards Law to provide comprehensive Legal and Business Consultancy Services to the community in Tonga.

The Edwards Law Offices are currently located at Matakieua, Tofoa in Nuku’alofa, soon to move to the Nuku’alofa CBD in 2021.


A full-service law firm
Has a strong and proud record and reputation for providing expert advice
We provide practical solutions across all areas of commercial law


No matter the legal problem, we can help.

We are Tonga’s leading legal firm and helping find solutions is our specialty. The advice we offer through our network of legal advisers is your biggest advantage in achieving your goals.

Our team have helped more than thousands of clients over 5 decades with their legal work be it commercial or individual.

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